How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

Looking for the best gown for your big day? No worries, we got you covered! Our main priority is to help you find a wedding dress that complements your shape and highlights your best features.

If you're looking for a specific wedding dress silhouette but are having trouble deciding, we've compiled a guide for your journey in finding the right one for your body type. To help you narrow down your search for the perfect wedding dress, we've broken down the different silhouettes and detailed which ones will flatter your body type the most.


Wedding Dress Styles & Silhouettes


While picking out a wedding dress can be exciting, it can also be stressful. Here, we've divided your options into manageable sections and defined each style in full detail. All set to start? Here is our comprehensive reference to wedding dress silhouettes and styles for brides.



The A-line silhouette is flattering, making it a top choice for wedding dresses. The shape is like the letter 'A,' with a narrow top and a widening bottom. The breast is emphasized, while the waist is nipped in, and this cut barely touches the hips. It makes it a great choice for many women, especially those with hourglass or pear shapes. The versatility of A-line dresses lies in their ability to be styled with a wide range of necklines, waistlines, and fabrics to highlight the wearer's individuality.

Erin Romantic A-line Side Slit Wedding Dress


Ball Gown

When it comes to wedding dresses, the ball gown is a time-honored favorite. This long dress has a form-fitting bodice and a full skirt. It is a stunning option for grand, traditional weddings and is ideal for princess-minded women. The long ball gown might make the wearer appear to have a tiny waist. As long as the fullness of the skirt is proportionate to the wearer's height and size, it will fit perfectly with the bride.

Ball Gown Silhouette

Ishna Off-shoulder Satin Ball Gown Wedding Dress



Wedding dresses with a mermaid silhouette are glamorous and graceful. They fit closely at the waist and hips and then flare out at the knees. The result is a strikingly seductive look that draws attention to the wearer's feminine curves. Therefore, these dresses are perfect for a confident and curvy bride and flatter the hourglass figure especially well. The mermaid silhouette can be overdone, so if you're looking for something more understated, consider a trumpet wedding dress with a gentler flare that begins higher on the legs.

Aurielle High Neckline Mermaid Wedding Dress With Lace Appliques



The waistline of an empire waist dress is typically raised and rests just below the bust. Everything else about the dress is a free-flowing descent to the hem. As a result, it can make your legs seem longer while drawing attention to and emphasizing your bust. Perfect for the smaller bride who wants to avoid looking too short or the bride with a smaller bust. Pregnant brides can also look beautiful and feel comfortable in an empire-waist gown.

Camilla V-Neck Lace Applique Bodice Empire Wedding Dress



Column gowns, also known as sheath dresses, are form-fitting dresses that are straight and narrow from top to bottom. The cut is meant to flatter by clinging softly to the wearer's curves. Therefore, they are ideal for brides who aren't afraid to show some skin around the midsection. This look is particularly flattering on brides who are tall and slim. You should emphasize your waist with a belt or sash if you have a straight body type. A split is a great compromise if you have trouble moving in form-fitting dresses.

Column Silhoutte

Amalia Elegant Boho Long Bell Sleeve Wedding Dress



The trumpet is a more subdued take on the mermaid silhouette, with a straight bodice down to the hips and a flare that starts at the middle of the thigh. You will look fantastic in a trumpet cut with a slim build or an hourglass shape. These dresses are popular for brides who want to show off their curves on their special day.

Trumpet Silhouette

Bellamy Sexy Open Back Beach Mermaid Wedding Dress



As their name implies, sheaths have a sleek, straight silhouette that skims the body before flaring to full length. The sheath has an unusually feminine fit, squeezing the body without being too constricting. It gives the appearance of curves where none exist. The vertical lines of the silhouette make the wearer look taller and leaner, so this is best for a petite or smaller bride.


A wedding dress with a pleated skirt is a simple but beautiful option. It blends the best of the past and present into a timeless style. The designer can make texture variations by altering the width of the pleat and the dress's fabric. You can achieve the texture of a drop waist wedding dress with a piece of gauzy fabric and loose, small pleats. It's the perfect option for an outdoor ceremony. This skirt's pleats would make it look fantastic in the wind, and the long length ensures that there will be no discomfort or wardrobe malfunctions.

Gian Beaded Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress



An asymmetrical dress is a wedding gown in which one element, such as the waist or the skirt, is given more attention and shape than the other. Dresses of this type often have a single shoulder strap and a layered skirt that trails behind them in a diagonal motion.

Asymmetrical Silhouette

Page Simple Mermaid White Wedding Dress


The Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape


Your wedding dress should be the one item of clothing you do not skimp on when it comes to fit and style. Because every bride has her unique body type and aesthetic goals regarding her wedding dress, we've developed this brief guide to assist you in evaluating your options.

Body Type



The rectangular body type is characterized by narrow hips, shoulders, and long, lean legs. Women with this body type tend to be taller than average and have fewer curves overall. The gentle A-line silhouette will make you look curvier than you are, thanks to the emphasis it places on your waist. It will skim your curves and draw attention to your best features, such as your hips and bust.



Women with this body type have a smaller waist than the rest of their figures and a fuller bust and hips. Those with an hourglass figure should look for wedding dresses with either a mermaid or trumpet skirt. The voluminous skirt and the emphasis on curves create a dramatic finish to the dress.

On the other hand, a ball gown with a structured bodice and full skirt is ideal for those who want to emphasize their waist and play up their red-carpet silhouette.



The "apple" body type is so named because the upper part of the body, particularly the bust, tends to be fuller than the lower. Apple-shaped women tend to be heavier at the bust and hips than anywhere else on their bodies.

Wedding dresses with a defined waist, or the classic A-line silhouette, are ideal for these figures. An A-line skirt, which flares out from the hips, is a great choice for creating a balanced and attractive proportion between the top and bottom halves of your body.



With the same principles as the apple shape, the pear shape keeps most of its volume in the hips or legs and has a narrow waist and wide hips. Dresses with an asymmetrical cut will flatter a pear shape the most. This aesthetic detail on a bridal gown gives the impression of perfect proportion. A ball gown is also a great choice to compliment a pear body shape, making the gown proportionality fit to the body.


Plus Size

A woman with a full bust, hip, and a bit more girth in her midsection is said to have a pear or apple body type. It is the body type of women with an hourglass shape but twice or bigger than its usual size.

If you're self-conscious about your midsection, a bodice with defined seams is a fool proof solution. Similarly, those with a fuller figure will look more proportionate in an A-line dress. You can define your shoulders, bust, and waist with the help of a halter or scoop neckline, which also flatters and enhances the bust.

On your special day, resist the urge to play down your curves or be embarrassed by your assets. Don't be scared to try something new, so jump into the form-fitted world with both feet! You should choose a wedding dress that not only makes you feel good about your body but also makes you feel confident and at ease.

Custom-made or made-to-order dresses are the best options to maximize your individuality while looking and feeling your best on the big day.

If you have questions about buying a wedding dress, read these FAQs.



FAQs on Wedding Dress Styles


When should you start shopping for a Wedding Dress?

It would be best if you generally waited until six months before your wedding before looking for your gown. However, the optimal time to start shopping for your wedding dress depends on where you are buying it and whether you prefer a pre-made or a made-to-order one (we have many), which requires more time.


What should I look for when buying a Wedding Dress?

You should have a few ideas of what you want before going dress shopping, but you should also be open to new styles because you never know when you might fall in love with one. When deciding on a wedding dress, it's crucial to have a budget in mind and be open and honest about it. 


Where should I buy a Wedding Dress?

A wedding dress can be purchased online, in vintage shops, or bridal boutiques. Your choice will be influenced by your dress style and your financial condition. If you want the widest assortment, best prices and want to avoid lines and other hassles, the best way is to browse for a bridal gown online.


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