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Our Story

I have always been fascinated by how beautiful and elegant weddings are, a dream fairytale scene coming into real life. From the sophisticated bridal gown to stylish bridesmaids' dresses, I realized how I like planning for a wedding.

However, in the preparation of my own research big day I found that physical shops are just too expensive. There should a better way. I believed that quality should not be determined by a high price tag, and we must not forgo comfort in favor of style. Make quality dresses affordable for modern women that deserved better was my mission. Thus, the tale of Dress 21 began.

Michelle Davis

Why Us?

Founded in 2021, Dress21 has developed a new viewpoint on bridal attire and special ocassion dresses.

We work directly with selected tailors crafting dresses that give women a sense of empowerment and self-worth. All of our beautifully crafted gowns focus on quality, style, and effortless elegance.

We offer you dresses with character, creativity, and authenticity, without sacrificing affordability.

Our Promise

Beautiful Dresses, For Every Special Occasion

Whatever the occasion might be, our dresses will make you feel beautiful. Our designs and materials will set you apart.

Widest Collection

Because of our collaboration with tailors we can offer you the widest collection of dresses. We are sure you'll find your perfect dress in our collection of over five hundred dresses.

Made-to-Order Does not Have to Break Your Bank

Most of our dresses can be made-to-order, and this at no extra cost. Affordable quality is what we offer.

Our Team

Michelle - Commercial & Marketing Manager

Gladys - Operations & Customer Support